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thisafunnything. turned 2 today!

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To help us better understand Lego’s branding and evolution of the years we are looking into older advertisements as well as new ones to help us in our approach to the brands heritage and distinguishing differences to other brands. here above are some excellent examples two vintage looking Lego advertisements these are a bit more in depth to the newer ads as the brand isn’t as influential as it is now this was more from a time when they were evolving the brand and molding it.

Going in depth to these adorable posters you can clearly see the facial expressions of the children they are extremely happy they stand tall and proud of there Lego creations and want to display there pieces to the world as a statement of look what i made with Lego bricks. I like how these have a lot more information about the brand itself explaining how they are useful to kids as well as older kids. They express the special kits having extra pieces to take there imagination even further this gives way for excellent ideas and opportunities for them. The now vintage feel has a nice realism to show that it could be your kid stood there presenting what they have made to you and they are happy as these children. When looking into our ideas we need to brainstorm suitable taglines to attract the audient like the one above the simple “Look what i built with Lego” stands out very well its just shouting brand awareness!

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Matjaž Tančič – 3D Fashion Photography


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On The Plane we are able to view the most remote corners of the natural world and the vast spread of the world we have constructed. It gives us a unique perspective to look at the interaction of natural and constructed in a truly holistic way. Photography by Phillip Kalantzis-Cope

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